How do you win at slots? You pump in your cash and make the pull. Simple, right? Not so fast. You’re probably thinking slot machines just sit there with one lousy button and require no skill. How wrong you are. I have spent a lot of time at the casino over the years. I have made some decent wins at the Blackjack table, sure. Nothing to write home about, though. You want to know how I became a millionaire? Slots. Pokies made me a millionaire. And it took a bit more than just plain old dumb luck.

First of all, you need to know where to play at. I won big playing at the Grand Reef Casino. Second you need to know what wins on the machine you’re playing at. If you don’t know that then what are you even doing at the slot machine in the first place. Back in days of yore, it was easy. Three BARs and Ding! Ding! Ding! Hello rush of coins. Take out the bucket and take it all home. But today…not so simple. There are usually five reels on modern online slots. And each reel has up to 100 symbols. What I’m telling you isn’t just that you have to know the symbols. I’m telling you that you need to know the correct combinations required to win. And you need to know this for each machine you play. Because they are all different.

You might ask why, since whatever happens, happens, and payouts are automatic. This is true, but knowing the combinations can help you gauge what you can still afford to play on your bankroll, and whether it is worth the investment. You might calculate the odds of hitting a particular combination, then you can figure out how much money you have, and what the payout will be. If the payout is not worth the investment, move on.

Figure that you should be seeing wins within four spins of your previous win. If you don’t see a win in four pulls, then you gotta move on to another machine. This one is a dead fish. This is key. It allows you to figure out which machines are calibrated to give out the payout rates you need.

So what do you do if you’ve been winning? If you end up with twice as much as you came in with at a particular machine, it’s time to cash out. Don’t worry. Not for the day. Just for that particular session. Once you’ve cashed out, you can either start playing from scratch at the same machine or try another one. What I mean by starting from scratch is set aside your winnings, and only play with what you started your day with. Remember the four pull rule. Four pulls, no wins, you move.

This goes the other way too. Say you’ve been losing non stop. This happens. It’s part of the game and you have to live with it. The way to handle this situation is to set up a daily budget. Do not go over your daily allowance. You’ve hit the max, you pack it up. Start again tomorrow. If you start thinking that you can win your money back, you’ll end up trapped in a classic fallacy. This is a sure fire way to go broke.

So how do you choose your machines anyway? Find the machine with the biggest jackpot and bet the max. Go big or go home. In other words, Just Gamble! To help you out with maxing out your bets, you can make use of the casino comps. Most online casinos will match you whatever deposit you put in initially. This doubles your cash. Consider it your bankroll. This is what allows you to make the big bets. Remember. The bigger the wager, the bigger the win. And if you even hope to win the progressive jackpot, then max bet is the only way to do it. No other jackpot will allow you to retire. Progressive is the way to go, hence check them out at JackpotCity.