There are some bad online casinos out there. And I’m here to make sure you don’t fall prey to their traps. This is not to say that all casinos are bad. In fact most of them are honest. The online casino industry is regulated nowadays, and you can trust just about any casino that has their licensing in order. What makes a casino bad? Simple. Some online casinos out there exist only to fleece you.

They do this in a variety of ways. The most common nefarious practice they use is to just simply refuse to give you your money. They will happily take your cash. But just try to ask for your winnings. First you’ll get the runaround. Then you’ll get an earful. Some have been known to make personal threats. They are just stalling, you see? They’re waiting until enough fools have parted with their money before closing up shop never to be seen again. After all, who are these people? If you haven’t done your research you will never find out.

Some of the other rogue casinos are even sneakier. They tweak their software so that you will always lose no matter what. They will reel you in with a loose “free play” mode, which will make you think they pay out tons of money, and pull a bait and switch with games that never, ever lose. You will lose your money every time. By the time you’ve figured out what’s going on it’s too late.

This is why you should always play at trusted casinos. Make sure to find out about their licensing. Make sure they’re approved by eCOGRA. Don’t just trust the seals on their website, actually go to the licensing body and ask about them. Go to the eCOGRA website and find out if they’re actually approved to carry the seal. You gotta do your legwork. This is one place where my motto, “Just Gamble!” does not apply. It is your money and you gotta be smart with it.

So which online casinos should you avoid? And why? Read on to find out.

Casino Pays

Avoid them. They spamdex. What does that mean? It means they advertise themselves by spamming. You know how your friends will sometimes tell you that you sent them an ad for Viagra? Same thing. They take over your email and spam your friends with their ads. This isn’t just unethical. It’s actually illegal. And it can get you into a heap of trouble.

Atlantic Lounge Casino

There are rumors that the people who run this one are wanted by the FBI. Your call.

Atlantic Vegas Casino

Remember how I told you that the casino should be licensed? This one isn’t. Their software is probably designed by hackers. If you like to throw your money away, go ahead and play here.


These guys are spammers and computer hackers. They will do bad, bad things to your computer.


Just try to cash out your casino bonus. You’ll get the biggest runaround of your life.

Ministering Angel Casino

Creepy name, crappy software. This looks homebrew.

Rocco Casino

Their games cheat. What do you expect from a casino named after a porno actor?

Sunshine Bingo (Parlay)

Nobody home if you want to get paid... It's a shame, too, but don't risk it.

Tajmahal Palace Casino

Some casinos refuse to pay out the bonus. Tajmahal refuses to pay out your winnings.


Classic rogue operators. Totally unlicensed. They do what they want because they know you can’t touch them.

Winner333 casino

Their software is some strange homemade thing that cannot be trusted. Are they trying to look like the renowned 888 Casino? What’s with the name?

Hype, Inchilli

Suddenly went AWOL but still taking people’s money.

You get the idea. There are many others. I leave it up to you to do some good old fashioned research.